viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

Enjoy Fisahara movies from your couch!

Can you imagine being able to watch the movies we will screen at FiSahara while sitting on your couch? If you cannot be part of the Festival, that will be celebrated from May the 2nd to the 8th, in the refugee camp of Dakhla, now we are giving you the opportunity, at least, to enjoy this Festival of solidarity.

Thanks to the agreement with the Association of Management of Audiovisual Producers Rights (EGEDA), on April the 30th will start VeoFiSahara, and will be active until May 9th. During these days, you can ask for free your personal and non-transferable code, you can watch unlimited number of movies, enjoying the qualities of dynamic streaming at 400 kbps, 800 kbps, 1300 kbps and 2000 kbps. Furthermore, no geographic or time limits, for viewing the works.

To request your personal code that gives you access to viewing films, you just have to send an email with the subject: VEOFISHARA 2011: REQUEST FOR ACCESS PLATFORM CODE - (NAME OF PERSON / COMPANY).

You have to send the email to, always putting FiSahara Production as c/c. You will receive your code within 48 hours after your application.

Very Important: Each access code is personal and exclusive (for security issues on the platform), so that no one can provide his code to other people, because it can be blocked.

Enjoy FiSahara and don’t forget the Sahrawi people even though you can’t be with us in Dakhla!

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